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Top Tips to Manage the Risks of Cryptocurrency Investing

Investing in blockchain Fintech companies can be both exhilarating and profitable. But with reward comes inherent risks. Risks that if not managed appropriately can lead to loss of capital and growth of investment. Read this blog post to discover the most common risks and my top tips for cryptocurrency investing risk management to make sure that your gains from crypto are realized.

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Budget Mining Rig Build for 2018

GPU prices have reached all-time highs and finding them is an even great challenge.  Here are a few options to build a budget mining rig to offset some of your costs so you can afford to buy some of the GPUs that are not likely to drop in price anytime soon.

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Ravencoin Open Source Peer2Peer Asset Facilitation

Ravencoin is one of the newest coins to emerge in the crowded cryptocurrency space.  What makes Ravencoin so unique to propel its name to one of the most popular coins over the last few weeks? I explore what makes this open source project so exciting and what we can expect from the development team over the coming weeks and months.  This is a rare opportunity to get involved in a project early and contribute to something great.

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Review of Gladius, Next Generation DDOS Defense

With DDOS attacks on the rise and costing businesses millions of dollars a day across the globe, Gladius has come up with a revolutionary way to use shared bandwidth to keep the cost down.  Gladius affords any user of even the smallest business some of the best ways to protect themselves from DDOS attacks.

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What to do Before Investing in an Altcoin

The current cryptocurrency market is flooded with thousands of Altcoins to choose from, many are just clones and cash grabs.  There is a methodology that you should follow before investing in an altcoin that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. It’s a simple process but one that many investors don’t take the time to follow through on.

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