Are you looking for the best hashrates and don’t mind spending the money to get set up?  This 1080ti mining rig will allow you to maximize the hashrates of your mining rig while using the least amount of hardware.  This will minimize potential issues that commonly arise with larger GPU setups.

This build will be centered on a 1080ti mining rig.  If you are looking for a more budget-centric build or this is your first mining rig you can find two alternatives in our intro to mining rig building here.  I also did a build for AMD cards if you are looking to mine ETH, you can read that here.  I prefer to build 6 card mining rigs to minimize downtime if you run into issues and they are easily portable or stackable with open air frames.


The Hashing Monster 1080ti Mining Rig

While this build certainly is not the cheapest mining rig you can buy, it will allow you to have a very high hashrates on numerous algorithms.  This will ensure you are getting the most of your setup while maintaining a small footprint if you have limited space.



Alternative 1
Alternative 2

Video Cards

6 xEVGA GTX 1080Ti –
Alternative –
Alternative (My favorite card but expensive to get) –


Intel G4400 –


Ballistix 4gb-
Kingston 4gb–


Sidenote here if you are only going to use this machine for mining and maybe a few wallets or nodes you can go with a cheaper option. I chose this SSD as it has space in the even you want to run masternodes or larger wallets in the future which could increase your passive income. If you are going to run Simpler Miner OS you can also just opt for a 32GB stick.

Power Supply (PSU)

EVGA 1600w-

If you want to ensure you have enough PCIe connections without having to use splitters or molex you can get 2x 1000 watt systems and use Add2PSU to link them together.

EVGA 1000w
Alternative Platinum Version (if above is out of stock)-
Corsair Alternative-\


Mintcell 6pack-
I have used these for awhile now and have only 2 defective boards which were promptly replaced. Important I do not recommend using any SATA connections to power your risers.

Windows 10 (Can get cheaper discounts through being a student or military, can also go Linux or Simplemining OS. I can help you set up Simplemining OS as well please reach out) –

I have also been told you can run windows without a key.  This will allow and install of windows with limited customization options that you dont need to mine.  Find out more at this link

Extra Connectors (Always good to have on hand in case you need more or you have damaged ones)

At least 2x 6+2 to 6+2 splitters-

6 pin to dual 6+2 if you want to go that route-

Zip Ties (for cable management or mounting video cards)-

Kill A Watt (Monitor your electricity and watts for your rig.  This way you can know exactly how much power you are putting out at the wall –

Power Button– If you are building on a frame you will need a power button for your motherboard. Best option around


Mounting Options to Complete Your 1080ti Mining Rig

Similar to my other mining rig builds you can opt to build your own out of shelving solutions such as shoe or hat racks, or you could order an open-air version.  I recently just moved my rig from an old gaming case to the below frame and I am seeing reduced temps and it was easy to set up.

Mining Rig Open Air

You can also order a shoe rack almost anywhere similar to this one

Or if you want a custom mining frame and don’t want to build it yourself you can find a ton of different options such as this one

1080ti mining rig tray

The 1080tis are a little easier at times to find as they are rather expensive and not the most sought-after cards like some of the other NVIDIA or AMD models.  If you are on a budget and want to piece the mining rig together, you don’t have to buy all 6 cards at once. Buy a few cards to start and then wait till others are on sale.  Currently, as of late December 2017, it will take about 5 months to break even on this 1080ti mining rig investment which can change at any time to be faster or slower. Keep this in mind as you decide what your budget is.

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