Do you have a friend or is your significant other a big supporter of the bitcoin or altcoin community?  Need one more thing to get them for the holidays? Look no further for a few great bitcoin gift related ideas!

As the holidays approach and Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency continue to become more mainstream, more people are looking for those last minute gift ideas for stocking stuffers. Taking a break from our more technical articles I wanted to try and highlight something on the lighter side. Below is a list of some of the best sellers right now that could fit exactly what exactly what you are looking for with a Bitcoin gift flavor.


One of the most important things in life is security and when it comes to cryptocurrency this is paramount. Keep your coins safe from hacking or phishing by getting a hardware wallet! This is the best investment you can make if ensuring your bitcoins are safe.


Nano Ledger


A great addition to any man cave or mining cave is this Bitcoin poster


Is the person you are buying a gift for a long-term Bitcoin hodler? This is the perfect mug!

This insulated mug is perfect for your miner enthusiast. While their mining rigs may run hot they need something to keep their beverages warm in the winter.


Maybe you have a friend who is just getting involved with cryptocurrency. This book is a great starting place to get your friends and family up to speed.


There is something for everyone in the category. There are hundreds of shirt and socks companies floating around. Below are some of the ones I personally like that are from reputable sellers that the perfect bitcoin gift for anyone.

Gifts for Miners

Do you know a miner? Ask them what they wish they could add to help their rig run more efficiently. If you know someone who is starting out mining take a look at our previous guides here to see if there is anything you could surprise them with. The below are some helpful tools any miner could use.

Kill a Watt electricity Monitor It’s important to know exactly how many watts your mining rig is using. It will help you not only monitor your electricity costs but also help avoid pulling to much power and possibly tripping a breaker or worse, start a fire.

Holmes Push/Pull Fan- Airflow is important, this window unit is perfect to ensure adequate ventilation in rooms where a mining rig or two is being run.

Hopefully, these bitcoin git ideas can help you come up with the perfect gift for someone who is a cryptocurrency fanatic!

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