XIOS is a project that I became involved in early on in their development.  The development team went through a period of instability and the coin all but died.  A small community is rallying around the coin’s idea and will be hard forking to XUEZ in Jan 2018. A POS-based coin that could break out quickly.

What Was XIOS? (soon to be XUEZ)

XIOS was first announced on Bitcointalk from the original developer ButteRose on 9 Oct 2017. You can read the announcement here. and the XIOS official website. The goal of XIOS was pitched as being a coin that is lightning fast with innovative privacy features and impeccable block size of 40 Mb.  This allows for large transactions to be processed very extremely cheap fees. XIOS is also a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that you can earn passive income from by running a masternode which cost 1000 XIOS.

Additional details of the coin as described in their announcement are below.

Block Rewards
1,333 coins rewarded from block 1 to 1440.
1441 to 3440 (33.3 coins)
3441 to 9441 (3.3 coins)
Forever mining at 1.33 coin block after block 9,442th-500,000th block
After that 1 coin per block forever
Maturity: 30 blocks
Target Block-time: 1 minute/block
Difficulty Re-Target: 4 blocks
Master Node Specs
Activates at Block 3441
Node Cost Amount:1,000
Node Rewards: 2/3 of 1 Xios Hipos [.666]
PoS Reward: 1/3 of 1 Xios Hipos    [.333]
Proof of stake begins: 1440 block
HiPos : 1
Minimum age: 1 hour
Maximum age: 365 Days
Premine percent 0%
Premine amount 0  coins

What Went Wrong?

Sometime in late October the developer ButterRose claimed to be having medical issues with his mother and was taking time off to care for her.  Additionally, a friend of his known as MasterTrader777 on discord was supposedly going to keep the project moving forward.  People began to lost confidence in the coin as little communication was given and people began to uncover that MasterTrader777 sold off his coins while trying to keep the hype alive.  At the same time, there was an issue with exchange wallets running on the wrong chains and people being unable to send or receive their coins.  Everything seems to point to scam. No one knew any of the team’s real names, the stories didn’t line up at all, and things just kept going wrong.  The coin was all but certain to join many others on MyEtherDelta as a dead coin.  What is happening now is something I didn’t expect to see.

XUEZ (Pronounced Zeus) Emerges from the Dust

Those that remained in the XIOS discord chat began to talk about what the coin could become if implemented right. They did not have access to any of the exchanges since ButterRose left.  A few of moderators began to seek out developers to create a hardfork of XIOS into a new coin named XUEZ.  XUEZ will implement all the same features and rewards of XIOS, but with a team that truly believes in its future.  The development team is still working on the details of the transition, but the future looks promising for XUEZ.

Pertinent Links

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/XUEZcoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/XUEZ/

Website: http://xuezcoin.com/

Current Market Conditions

You will still be able to run a master node for XUEZ and all current XIOS coin holders will receive a 1:1 exchange when the fork occurs.  The fork is expected to happen in early January.  Take a look at the chart over the last month for XIOS, since the team began to rally around the fork the price has continued to rise. XIOS is still available to purchase on Yobit. Trading is disabled currently on Coinmarkets until after the fork. XUEZ will be available on each exchange once the fork is complete.


XIOS chart


There appears to be some great optimism surrounding the XUEZ now.  Master nodes are still running and the payout is amazing.  If you have 1000 XIOS right now and are running a master node the current rewards you would get are below.


XIOS rewards


Considering the low price of the coin is currently making quite the passive income. I have been receiving this reward since late October when I first got involved with running a master node. This may be a great opportunity to get in now before the split and get established with a master node that could see increased value when the fork occurs.

If you would like to learn more and get involved with the project jump into the discord chat or XUEZ twitter.  As more information becomes available I will update this article with the latest XUEZ website and hard fork details.

Latest XUEZ Update

26 Feb- Its been awhile since the last update but its been quiet until today.  As we approach the March 1st deadline for XUEZ to be launched the developers have run into a small problem and are asking the community to vote on how to proceed.  See below for full explanation and join the Discord Server to vote!


XUEZ-Option 2

1 Feb 2018

The latest update is progress is moving along slowly with the latest update posted below.

XUEZ -1-feb-update


15 Jan 2018

The whitepaper for XUEZ has been released!

15 Jan XUEZ update


6 Jan 2018

6 jan update

Older Updates

4 jan xuez update

4 jan 2018 2

2 Jan 2018

XUES Update 2 Jan 1

XUES 2 jan Update 2


30 Dec 2017

XUEZ Update 30 Dec



XUES Update 25 Dec


25 Dec 2017

XUEZ Update 12 Dec


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