With DDOS attacks on the rise and costing businesses millions of dollars a day across the globe, Gladius has come up with a revolutionary way to use shared bandwidth to keep the cost down.  Gladius affords any user of even the smallest business some of the best ways to protect themselves from DDOS attacks.

Why is Gladius Needed? 

The vast world of the internet continues to grow at an incredible pace as people and businesses do their best to leverage on the accessibility it offers in order to get better exposure to potential customers as well as hope to increase their market share. This world for very long now has been known to have its own problems and often dangers, as internet hackers continue to sharpen their attack skills which are often targeted at businesses to disrupt the smooth running of their online portals. The Wannacry attack seen last year that got worldwide media attention is a classic example of how Denial of Service or DDoS attacks can be to businesses and even government organs.

There are solutions to these problems are there but often than not, they are too expensive for small businesses to afford, and even those outfits that are able to afford such services often grapple with mixed results, as a lot of bad traffic does get through in the end.


The Gladius Solution


Gladius is a blockchain based startup that seeks to disrupt the present web traffic sifting industry and make it as accessible and as affordable that even individuals and small businesses can afford. Gladius uses an advanced system where it pools the reserve computational power of willing participants all over the world as well as excess bandwidth to provide its users with the fastest and most affordable DDoS protection service that will ensure every single malicious traffic gets filtered out before it reaches the site at almost instant speeds that guarantee no lag or downtime for the sites.

Gladius Features

Gladius has a number of features which include:


  • Desktop Client: With the Gladius desktop client any computer owner in the world no matter their geographical location can have their computer systems work for them especially when they are not on a desk using them. Gladius offers people the chance to rent out the computational powers of their PCs at very lucrative rates which are then pooled to provide the DDoS protection service for the site’s clients.  There is even a calculator in the works on their website that allow you to see how much you can make daily by renting out your unused bandwidth!
  • A Seamless Web Portal: Even small business owners can now have that which was not previously possible, as they have their own personal dashboards from where they can monitor the performance of their site’s traffic which will give them a better understanding an insight as to where their genuine traffic is emerging from, helping them tailor their services to their biggest group of customers
  • Gladius Network Pools: Gladius is not just only about providing a blind DDoS protection service, it is a very transparent and user-friendly platform that gives the user unprecedented access to use the service according to their needs. Depending on the client’s budgetary capabilities and desires (when it comes to the location of the pools they want to use to protect their sites), Gladius offers users access to a highly usable Network Pools interface from which they can choose. Depending on the Bandwidth they need as well as proximity to their location and availability, the user can optimize their subscription to the specific details that suit their needs.


The Gladius Team

The Gladius Team is led by CEO Max Neibylski, with Co-Founder and CTO Alex Godwin in support. Other members of the team include Marcelo McAndrew, Jim Brinksma, and Ori Levi among others also on the team.


Useful Links

Website: https://www.gladius.io/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GladiusNetwork/

Twitter: @GladiusIO


Whats Next for Gladius?

With their ICO complete and paid out the what is next for Gladius? You can read a detailed description of Gladius’s plan in their whitepaper and it will very interesting to see where you can purchase GLA tokens and begin to test their shared bandwidth system.  This is one ICO I got involved in early on and truly believe we can see great things develops over the next 12 months from the Gladius teams.  I do not invest in many ICO and I currently only hold 2.  This being one that I am a long-term hold on as I truly believe that Gladius offers a unique way to fight a real and growing problem in the world today.

Stay tuned to see if they release their Beta Version of their product in March of 2018 as expected.  The next few milestones that Gladius laid out are below and I fully believe they will meet these timelines!




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